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Redundant Sharepoint SQL Servers

Hi, I have a Sharepoint dedicated server at with a SQL2005 database on the same box, and I have no issues with it. What I am looking to do is implement a second backup sharepoint/SQL server at another data center and have the master server automatically do a dump to the backup server every night, including users and permissions. My questions are: 1. Can this be done? 2. If so, how? What software do I need to buy to get it done? Is there anything just built into Sharepoint or SQL2005 that would do it? 3. Can anyone recommend a provider that does Sharepoint/SQL2005 dedicated servers (other than esecuredata, I already have a server there)? I can spend up to $100/mo. TIA
I just started learning SharePoint Portal Server architecture, so don’t take my opinion for granted. My understanding is that all configuration and data from spps is in mssql server database so it is enough to synchronize its databases. It can be done using backup and restore or log shipping. On top of that you would need to script logins, users and permissions and schedule running the script daily (as you already mentioned). You don’t have to buy any software to do it, although there may be tool on the market that makes it easy. I don’t know. I also don’t know the answer for your third question.
Have you checked under SHarepoint portal newsgroups for further reference. Satya SKJ
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