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Regarding File Group

Hi, I have created a new FileGroup and set it default on my own Test Server. But I do not want to bring all the Tables and SPs to the new FileGroup rather would like to separate it from the Primary File group to the newly created one. Can any one suggest me how to do it so. Arindam Ganguly
script out the tables and stored procs.
Set the default filegroup for your database to be the secondary file group (See ALTER DATABASE), then run the script
After that you can transfer the data over, and set the default filegroup back to primary if required
gangulyarindam, Sorry, I am unable to respond to private messages. I post your email here so others can help also Cheers
Paul Posted on behalf of gangulyarindam…
I tried to follow your solution but I could see that the secondary FileGroup created so far is just a replica of the first FileGroup. As a result when I rerun the required Table and SP Scripts these had simply been emptied and the rest were containing all the Data that were existing on Primary FileGroup. As a result my purpose was not fulfilled. What I wanted was that the Secondary Filegroup should only hold my user defined Tables and SPs. Can you pls help me to get it done.