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Regarding VDI(Virtual Device Interface)

Hello, When a (third party) backup solution start w/ SQL Server database, netbackup process(dbbackex.exe) will locate physical memory and virtual memory space. And then, netbackup process communicate with SQL Server backup agent like producer and consumer. Actually, we got a problem in this case. As it were, IPC problem(Producer/Consumer and Mutual exclusion). According to the workaround of VERITAS SUPPORT, caused insufficient physical memory or virtual memory to create VDI. But, the result of our verification w/ this server is very stable. Does anybody kindly explain me how does it work among netbackup process, VDI and SQL Server backup agent process? Thanks in advance. Ted Kim
Sr. System Engineer
CJ Systems
Check thru event viewer & SQL error log for any information or dump files created, if any.
Make sure backup/restore operations are functioning as normal with these third party applications. _________
Satya SKJ

Hi Ted, I’m not sure how VDI works in detail, but if you are desperate I’d suggest setting SQL max memory to a figure say 100MB less than physical RAM. Then monitor RAM usage to see how much the backup software uses, adjust the SQL max meory until you find a nice balance… Cheers