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related to database log file

1)In the database , there may have more then 1 log file.How log file affect the performace of the database? 3)May I know which database performance better if let said a server have 100 GB data storage with 2 design of the log file as below:
a)2 log files which each have 50 GB data storage
b)it can be a lot log files which equaly occupaid the 100 GB data storage. eg: 100 log file with each one only have 1 GB data storage. 3)How sql allocated the related information to the log files which at different location and different size?
Thanks in advance.

There is a misconception that multiple TL files will improve the performance… not at all… At a time system writes only to one physical log file… if the first one filled then it goes to next and in a cyclic mode… so having multiple TL physical files will not improve the IO unlike in the case of Data Files… I hope this link will answer your doubts