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Relation between RAM size,data cahe and table size

I read an article about data cache ih this site. In that article it has been mentioned like data cache increases with RAM size.But there was no exact figure.I would like to know if we increase the ram size from 2GB to 4GB then what will be the size of data cahe? Regards,

There is no definitive answer, SQL Server itself manages the data cache. Remember that article was written for v. 2000 and not 2005. The more RAM you have, the more SQL Server will use for data cache. But it will also use RAM for other things, lock management, procedure cache, connections, extended stored procedures, CLR etc etc. So there are many variables. For your particular case, the only way to find out is to test and evaluate.
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Do you have any performance issues with Data caching at present? Satya SKJ
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