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Relication connectivity issues

I have a primary database box called VASQL. I had a replication set up to go to a database on a box called VASQLText. I have set up both a push from VASQL and pull from VASQLTest that has been failing lately. When I go into Enterprise Manager on VASQL, I can not connect to VASQL Test using either the NT log on option nor the default SA user name and password for that machine. Every time, I get a ConnectionOpen error message. Now in EM on VASQLTest, I can open up both the databases on VASQLTest and VASQL. Also, I can open up the databases cross domain from my PC. I am stymied as to what to check next. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Try using TCP/IP as a default netlib on both the machines. HTH _________
Satya SKJ

Thanks for the suggestion, but I already checked that and it is set that way. Bob
Then what was the exact error message you’re getting when trying to connect. _________
Satya SKJ