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Remote Analysis Server – Connectivity

I have designed a small Data warehouse architecture which is implemented using SQL Server 2005 Analysis Service. I have few datamarts and I am able to make cube out of this datamarts etc. I have fare idea of Data warehousing. My issue is not that, my issue is related to SQL Server Analysis Service Implementation. (a)I am able to Create Analysis Project Locally using BI Studio and able to view data as I want.
(b)Whatever the R&D i have done is in my Local Machine and it works fine My first questions is
(a)Now I want to create Same Cube in our development server. We don#%92t login to domain. We all work individual local machine login (though we have domain). So how would I connect to Remote Analysis Server. Which authentication should use
Any help is highly appreciated… This is only the tip of iceberg. I have many doubt… I will post subsequently thanks Madhu

Hi Madhu,
Analysis Services only uses Windows authentication to connect.
So if you don’t login to any domain, then you need to setup the administrator name and pwd same as of your local machine which might work.
Thanks Ranjit….. thanks a lot… As u said i have to login in to domain it seems.. i also got few links for the same issue which would help in this regards..
WhitePaper : Madhu