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Remote Connection

I have both MSSQL 2000 and MSSQL 2005 installed in the computer, when I tried to browse for connection to another computer that also have both version installed. I could only see the MSSQL 2000 Server instance. However, If I turn off the firewall in both computer, then I can see both MSSQL 2000 and 2005 instances listed, and can make the remote connection to 2005 Server. I think this might be the problem of ports. Do you know how to keep the firewall on and also can make remote connection to other MSSQL 2005 server. Thanks

Have you turned on the SQL Browser service on the SQL Server 2005 instance? OR if you don’t want to enable the service, use the IP address instead of the machine name while connecting. Nathan H. Omukwenyi
MVP [SQL Server]

in firewall you have to set a rule for application and have to allow the port that is used/Configured by SQL Server and it will work. Regards Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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