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Remote name could not be resolved

Our SQL 2005 box was given a name change and while everything seems fine I cannot connect to the Reporting Services Object Explorer. The error reads:
Cannot connect to NewServerName Additional Information:
The Remote name could not be resolved ‘OldServerName’ (Microsoft.Sqlserver.Management.UI.RSClient) I have tried to find where it is pulling the old name from without success.
I did reconfigure the SQL Server Reporting Services service and it is running fine.
We can generate and view reports.
Are you having a problem connecting looging in to that box using remote login or is the problem with not being able to connect from SQL Server Management Studio on your box?

I think you may need to reconfigure your Reporting Services using RSCONFIG utility…
I read some where it stores login information in encypted format…
The problem is trying to connect using SSMS on the box. I have rerun the RSConfigTool and no effect.
In SSMS what is the server name you are entering to connect? Check SQL Native client configuration if there are any Alias created for this server…
I am using NewServerName to try and connect.
If I try to use OldServerName then I get a ‘Machine cannot be found’ error No aliases are under the SQL Native client configuration.
Ok, I found the rsreportserver.exe.config and used Visual Studio to open it.
There was a line that listed the URL as beinghttp://OldServerName/reportserver,
I changed this tohttp://NewServerName/reportserver. Although I didn’t think this had anything to do with the problem, it seems to have fixed it. Thanks to all for your help!!
Thanks for sharing the solution MohammedU.