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Remove column collation

Hi all, We have noticed on a test server the "Fatal error 644" problem, and after
some searching, found: Which pretty much pointed us to the problem. After doing a DBCC DBREINDEX on
the specifc problem table, the inital instance of the problem has been
resolved. In addition, it was determined that the specif problem existed due to an
explicit collation specified on a column that is indexed. this should not be
there (legacy). Now, obviously I can drop and recreate the table correctly (collation of
columns are not a problem in terms of the data, so we wouldn’t have data loss
concerns). What I am trying to find out is whether I could do an ALTER TABLE
to remove an explicit collation. Reviewing BOL I believe I can add one, but
how do I remove one? ALTER TABLE tb
ALTER COLUMN x COLLATION default ^– syntax doesn’t work – is there a correct way? Thoughts, better solutions?
Panic, Chaos, Disorder … my work here is done –unknown
alter table tb
alter column x "datatype" (e.g. varchar(50)) collate database_default -or- alter table tb
alter column x "datatype" (e.g. varchar(50)) collate <collation name> Dbu