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Remove references to undocumented system tables

Hello All, We are planning to migrate 2000 databases to 2005 and we ran Upgrade advisor tool on 2000 server, in the output it gives us one "Remove references to undocumented system tables" for the tables
1) sysxlogins
2) syslocks
3) spt_values for sysxlogins I got the view syslogins in SQL 2005, can some one have Idea about new table/view name in 2005 for 2) syslocks 3) spt_values Thank you very much in advance.
there are few stored procedures using these tables in 2000 so if we migrate the databases to 2005 stored procedures will fail, please some one help me in this regard. Mahi
You may want to find the DMV’s that have the relavent table columns for those two tables and create a view until you can correct the code. Wes
syslocks – sys.dm_tran_locks
spt_values – spt_values For more check SQL Server 2005 Books Online
Mapping SQL Server 2000 System Tables to SQL Server 2005 System Views