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removing local admin group

I read somewhere that removing the ‘localadmin’ group within SQL server might cause some issues. If someone have ran into this or link to some of these issues would be great. thanks in advance…
If you mean BUILTINAdministrators then yes it can cause issues with FullText Search however you can get around this by adding a login for [NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM] and making it a sysadmin. This is easier on Win2000 than it is on NT4 but it is possible on NT4 also.
HTH Jasper Smith
We don’t use full-text search here. But if that is the only issue than I am not concern. Yes, I noticed that if I use a domain account, member of the ‘BuiltinAmdin’ group to start the SQL services, it must be part of the Sys Admin group in SQL for SQL Agent to start. Thanks to the info..
There are some info here:;EN-US;263712 /Argyle
Removing the builtinadministrators group can also cause problems if you are doing clustering, so it is not recommended in these cases. On non-clusters, and not running FullText Search, we commonly remove this group for extra security, and haven’t seen any issues. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
To addup for all valuable tips, on all production services at our site BUILTIN/Admins have been disabled to access on SQL Server with no issues. And as Brad specified except in Clustering you need to keep it up to run thread under that privilege. HTH _________
Satya SKJ