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replace ou substring em coluna dado tipo text

Estou tentando utilizar os comandos replace ou substring em campo tipo text, porém ocorre o erro (Argument data type text is invalid for argument 1 of replace function.) alguma idéia do que ocorre ? Obrigado ___________________________________________________________________________________ Using Replace command in TEXT datatype column. I am trying to replace a preset charcter string with ‘formfeed+linefeed’ in a TEXT field. This ata was loaded via SQL and lost it’s formatting, so I have decided to try to reinsert the carriage returns by replacing a character string that will be inserted into the SQL in place of the carriage returns. select replace(ldtext, ‘"’, ”) from longdescription where ldkey in (select ldkey from equipment where eqnum = ‘EC-BFP-004’) Error: Microsoft SQL Server:8116[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Argument data type text is invalid for argument 1 of replace function.Microsoft SQL Server:8180[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Serv Any ideas? Thanks.
_________________________________________________________________________________ ("esta assim o campo é preciso retirar as aspas")
substring(substring(Coluna, 2, len(Coluna)), 1, len(Coluna)-2)
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Luis Martin
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Thanks Luis Unfortunately, you cannot use the REPLACE function on a column with a TEXT datatype. Here’s an article that describes how to do what you want on a TEXT column for information Satya SKJ
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You don’t need a cursor for this anyway. Google on this and you’ll find better examples without a cursor. –Frank

Marcelo Colla Re: como utilizar replace em campo tipo text ?
Enviado em: 10 mai 2005 10:11
outra ideia
drop table exemplo
Create Table Exemplo (Campo text)
Insert into Exemplo (Campo) Values (‘Tirar um acento (á) por exemplo’) DECLARE @Retorno binary(16)
Declare @Posicao Int
Select @Posicao = PATINDEX(‘%á%’, campo) -1 From exemplo
SELECT @Retorno = TEXTPTR(Campo) FROM exemplo
UPDATETEXT exemplo.Campo @Retorno @Posicao 1 ‘a’ — altera na posicao 10
Select * From Exemplo Abs,.
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