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Replacing *=

Hi all, We are in the process of migrating our databases from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005, As a part of this, we figured out that there is some code which is NON-ANSI92 standard, like the one shown below. (SQL 2005 wouldn’t approve this code). Can any one help me in re-writting this code below replacing *= with outer joins?? I wasn’t sure what stmts come in the "where" clause and what stmst came as part of "join on" stmt
select blah blah blah
from OrderHeader o, WebCustomerMaster w, ccinfo c
where ConfirmNumber = @ConfirmNumber
and o.profid = w.WebAccountId
and o.orderid *= c.orderid
Check whether this is correct select BBBBB from OrderHeader O
FUll Outer Join ccinfo C on :confused:rderid= C.orderid
Inner Join WebCustomerMaster W on o.profid
where ConfirmNumber = @ConfirmNumber —————————————-

Should look like
SELECT blahblahblah
FROM OrderHeader o
JOIN WebCustomerMaster w
ON o.profid = w.WebAccountId
LEFT JOIN ccinfo c
ON o.orderid = c.orderid
WHERE ConfirmNumber = @ConfirmNumber —
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Use Left outer Join EDIT : Frank gave you the example Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
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