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Replicate encrypted database

I have been doing some readings online regarding replicating encrypted database in SQL 2005. Some indicated that 2005 does not allow replication on encrypted database and some articles mentioned that there’re ways around it. So, my first question is: Is it possible to replicate a encrypted database? If it is, where can I find a good article as to how to make it happen? Thanks Bugme
You can replicate the encrypted data…
Check the BOL topic "How to: Replicate Data in Encrypted Columns"
Replication enables you to publish encrypted column data. To decrypt and use this data at the Subscriber, the key that was used to encrypt the data at the Publisher must also be present on the Subscriber. Replication does not provide a secure mechanism to transport encryption keys. You must manually re-create the encryption key at the Subscriber.
Elements of Replication Security MohammedU.
Will creating the same encryption key at the Subcriber impose any security risk to the database/server on the Publisher in any way?

I don;t think so as it is required in order to continue the replication.