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Replicate ntext text image in Transaction Replicat

Hi! i have a problem with my replication. I have two SQL 2005 SP2 Server and want to use the transaction replication with updateable subscriber. Now the problem is that i can do any changes on the master server. But if i want to change a record on the subscriber which contains a ntext, text, oder image column – then i geht the error that the field will be NULL on the master. Is there any solution to fix this problem? I dont wan`t to change the datatype vom ntext to varchar(max) !! greetings Holger

Post the exact error you are getting. Satya SKJ
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Check BOL topic "Updatable Subscriptions for Transactional Replication" Subscribers cannot update or insert text, ntext or image values because it is not possible to read from the inserted or deleted tables inside the replication change-tracking triggers. Similarly, Subscribers cannot update or insert text or image values using WRITETEXT or UPDATETEXT because the data is overwritten by the Publisher. Instead, you could partition the text and image columns into a separate table and modify the two tables within a transaction. To update large objects at a Subscriber, use the data types varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max) instead of text, ntext, and image data types, respectively. MohammedU.
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