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Replicating Data For DR – Third Party Products?

In 2007 we plan on moving many of our SQL Servers (2000 & 2005) to a SAN. We will also be investigating the best way to replicate data from our production SAN to a Disaster Recovery SAN. I would like to know if people rely on built-in SQL Server replication / log shipping or third party products like DoubleTake or MirrorView. What’s the advantage, if any, to using a third-party product? Thanks, Dave
advantages to 3rd party products
you get to spend a lot of money
I don’t know the details, but I thought various third-party products work at the bit level when transfering data and "claim" better performance. I need to do some research on the pros and cons.
when a lot of money is being charged, claims are always made,
whether the claims stand up to scrutiny is another question am pretty sure many 3rd party mirroring work by using the MS provided VDI API.
i also think they copy at the page/block/sector level, not the bit level anyways, i think eventually SQL 2005 will support mirroring
i have never been a big fan of replication on busy systems
log shipping is also an issue for busy system because the log replay is single threaded(?) you might ask how much of this is absolutely necessary versus a daily full backup, restored at the DR site, with log backups applied during the day a skilled dba (who practices daily) is often better than expensive automatic solutions
We’re a financial company involved heavily with investment management so relying on a restore of a full backup and applying t-logs is considered too much of a delay. I believe we also have SEC requirements to meet regarding down time. For this reason we need the ability to bring up our more critical servers ASAP. I’m just curious what other similar finanicial-related companies are doing to address DR needs. Thanks
in which case i would use the db mirroring from the san vendor mixing the 3rd party products is not good for job security
vendors will always point fingers at other parties instead of figuring out
what went wrong
True. Thanks