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Replicating design changes

I am trying to create an auto off-site backup of an entire database. This would include databases and users. It should also include changes made throughout the day. Something challenging about this is I want it to also include design changes that may have been done throughout the day. I understand log shipping or replication can deal with the data part of my solution. But how can I copy over the logins, users, and design changes? Is it possible to have design changes replicated from publishers to subscribers?
Log shipping copies over the design changes. If you are using log shipping, you need to have new logins rolled in both places at time of creation. The individual database changes (new database users and permissions) will be caught up on the next application of the log.
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Thanks for your reply Derrick. The problem I have found with log shipping though is that the secondary server has to go into a sleep mode (please correct me if I am wrong). And we need to have that second server available to demonstrate minimum downtime in our recovery model. Perhaps what I am trying to create is some sort of SQL mirror.
Is it possible?

When using log shipping the secondary server can be used as a read-only for the MIS purposes and it is easy to manage such queries on teh secondary server. Satya SKJ
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