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Replicating View in to a table

HI- I have a view which is made up of 5 different tables, all the tables get updated regularly the view always shows me the current data now the problem is i want to replicate this view to a different branch but i don’t want them to see the tables associated with this view. i want to but the data in the view in the destenation table and then update that table in real time. I thought index view will solve my problem but it has got the following requirements: View definition must always return the same results from the same underlying data.Views cannot use non-deterministic functions. The first index on a View must be a clustered, UNIQUE index. If you use Group By, you must include the new COUNT_BIG(*) in the select list. View definition cannot contain the following TOP Text, ntext or image columns DISTINCT MIN, MAX, COUNT, STDEV, VARIANCE, AVG SUM on a nullable expression A derived table Rowset function Another view UNION Subqueries, outer joins, self joins Full-text predicates like CONTAIN or FREETEXT COMPUTE or COMPUTE BY Cannot include order by in view definition
Can any one please suggest that how would i do the replication of the view without replicating the tables since the tables are quite large and we need minimum latacy for the data at the destination server Regards,
Have a "insert into mytable select * from myview" job running on the source server and replicate that table instead.