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I have merge replication setup on my servers. 1. How to make merge replication one way?
2. How log shipping is better than merge replication? I find log shipping is more difficult to implement and manage than merge replication. Also it is included only in the enterprise edition, where as replication can be done from stnadard edition of sql server. I think, therefore I am
1. You may want to setup transactional replication if you want one way synchronization. 2. With log shipping, you don’t have to install anything special on the master server (viz. distribution database, replication agents etc.) To me, log shipping is far easier to implement than replication and you don’t have to have enterprise edition for this. There are several manual procedures available out there.
One of my favourite is the one available with Backoffice 4.5 Resource Kit.
Log-shipping can backup once every minute and the copy and load frequency can also be every minute. If you use transactional replication or merge replication, the latency can be as low as a few seconds, assuming the relevant -POLLINGINTERVAL agent parameters are minimized. Snapshot replication will have a much higher latency as it requires an exclusive lock on the publisher’s replicated tables – consequently it is often considered an offline solution. Refer to this relevant thread and I agree with Chakri’s comments. Few articles on the log shipping for your information: Satya SKJ
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