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Replication – Location of Working Directory?

By default SQL Server creates the Working Directory in Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMssqlRepldata when replication is created. From a performance and security perspective is this the best location for the Working Directory? I’m not sure if I should accept the default or move it to another location such as the partition used by Tempdb. Dave
From security perspective I don’t see any problem to mantein original location, if that location is NTFS.
Luis Martin

It is typically best to store as few growing files/directories on the system drive as possible. During installation of SQL, put the data files onto a different drive this will also put the repldata directory on that same drive. The main reason for this is that you do not want your system drive to ever fill up Cheers
My default data directory is separate from the SQL Server system files. I wasn’t sure if I should further separate ReplData. I guess that all depends upon system performance. Thanks, Dave

I guess it depends on how many seperate physical disks/arrays you have… repldata is only used for snapshots, so not that big a hit on performance Cheers