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Replication/Mirror Setup problems

Hi All A brief explanation;
I have been given two servers to configure. I need to get some sort of ‘warm’ failover working from server A to Server B. I have gone down the mirroring route. Got the mirroring working as I need. But have to contend with replication from a Mobile 5 device! Below is what I have tried to do. I really need some solutions to my problem. Any help appreciated. I have set up two servers A & B. Server A is sql2005 and server B is also sql2005, but also with another instance on Server B. Both SP1
Server B contains the mirror.
Server B instance is a mirror witness. The mirroring works fine!
Server A is the principal. The database that is mirrored is also replicated using merge.
Server B instance is also acting as the distributor. I am trying to replicate data from an SQL mobile 5 device. I have set up web sync on Server A etc…… I can logon to the application on the device. Wathching SQL profiler I see the following "exec sp_MSadd_repl_error 0,0,5,N’Merge Process(Web Sync Server)’,N’14114′,N”’ServerA” is not configured as a Distributor.’,0,1,N’" As the error suggest it isn’t set up for distribution as it is using a remote distributor ServerB. I know that this is not the perfect way to setup. Any help appreciated
I dont have a solution to your problem but did you know this: From BOL: "Microsoft support policies do not apply to the database mirroring feature in SQL Server 2005. Database mirroring is currently disabled by default, but may be enabled for evaluation purposes only by using trace flag 1400 as a startup parameter. (For more information about trace flags, see Trace Flags (Transact-SQL).) Database mirroring should not be used in production environments, and Microsoft support services will not support databases or applications that use database mirroring. Database mirroring documentation is included in SQL Server 2005 for evaluation purposes only, and the Documentation Policy for SQL Server 2005 Support and Upgrade does not apply to the database mirroring documentation. " ***********************
Dinakar Nethi
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Hi Its now supported in Service Pack 1 Mark
How can I ‘kill’ a faulty distributor/publisher other than thru Management Studio? Cheers Mark
Have you tried sp_removedistpublisherdbreplication? Satya SKJ
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