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Replication not working

I am replicating one table from SQL 2005 to SQL 2000. SQL 2005 is running with SP1 and SQL 2000 with SP 4. This is a transactional replication with Pull subscription. We have set up 4 publications like this from Server A(SQL 2005) to Server B(SQL 2000). They were working fine and all of sudden all publication stopped working, there are no errors generated. In replication monitor all it says for this is Agent ‘CRMCLU-MSCRM-2’ is retrying after an error. 10 retries attempted. See agent job history in the Jobs folder for more details.
THis error is same for other 3 publication as well. These retry attempts continues on till 6600… and is till on. Steps Done so far * I have dropped subscription and re set this up and even re-generated snapshot and reinitialize subscription, However it still comes up with same error message. Snapshot is generated, but didn’t went on to subscriber.
* I have checked in job history and eventviewer and even in SQL server logs, but nothing is reported anywhere.
* I tried inserting token and it just kept on "pending" for ever
* There are no network or connectivity issues between both servers
* I have restarted SQL server Agent
There is no error number and all of sudden this has stopped… Any clues champs why this is the case… I would appreciate if you can come up with anything ….. asap Thanks
Judging from the name of the agent it looks like the log reader agent is having an error
can you go to replication monitor in SSMS and check the log reader agent and see if there’s more info available?
This error message in red is from Log reader agent, there is no more information available
Run the trace and see what it shows up…
Nothing in the job folder?
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Nope there is nothing in the job history ??
Have you tried running a trace as Mohammed suggseted? Then you will know what transaction is being retried and failing. Thanks
I couldn’t find any errors or anything wrong in logs while running trace.
Run the profiler on publisher and subscriber and filter on HOSTNAME to check and also enable error events… Try running the linked server call between the two servers from each server… Enable replication agent logging…
How to enable replication agents for logging to output files in SQL Server
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