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Replication — Weired Error

Hi all we are having a weired problem with our replication setup. Agent involved in replication log reader agent and distribution agent when i go to replication monitor it shows me as if they are running and when I right lick instead of it let me stop the agent it lets me start the agent.
I mean to say my friends that though the agent is stopped, It still shows me as if it is running we are realizing it when there is a complain from the client.
Would be hihgly thankful if guys throw some expert opinions what cud be the cause of this..

did you check the jobs!! does it have ‘executing status’!! Also check the schedule for this jobs

I ran into this same issue, but only on SQL 2005. This is something where it truly shows that inaccuracies of replication monitor. I seldom use that as a tool tell the health of my replication. I wrote a query that I put in a proc to run hourly and check to see if any agents are stopped for this same reason. People who depend on this would see it running in replication monitor and later get a compliant from the client that it isn’t. I ended up putting this in a proc and run it hourly to check if any agents are running. It has come in handy several times.
We did inquire with Microsoft what causes this and we did not recieve an answer.

Can you share the proc that you have written , which will be of help to us..

I would like to know on what service pack level you are on SQL, I believe there are many fixes from SP4 on SQL 2000 in this case.
We had the same problem earlier, but what I have done to check again tried to view the replication status from another machine which had same type of tools too.


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