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replication with delay

current setup: 1 sql server 2000 ent. edition db server (source "update" db)
4 sql server 2000 std servers (live site "read" db)
Data is currently sent to me and processed throughout the day from 11am – 3am. Then it is DTS’ed from source db to live site db’s once(4am) daily.
new requirement: each of 100 offices want the ability to choose from
(a) current 4am refresh
(b) real-time immediate live site updating
(C) delayed live site updating anyone have this situatuion or have ideas?

to me i need to be able to mark each transaction(s) delivery time. (if possible…researching it)

meaning… transaction A – leave on distributor for 24 hours before delivering to the subscribers
transaction B – deliver to distributor and subscribers immediately