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Replicator strategy ?

Hi, Here is the situation. We have a client who use 2 sites, the production plant and the distribution warehouse, linked by a VPN network over the internet. There is a SQL Server 2000 in the production plant and a MSDE 2000 in the warehouse. Both DB have to be synchronized in realtime (more a less… let’s say at each 10-15 min). Both DB inserts, updates and deletes records. A deleted record on site B must be also deleted from site A, and so on. Almost every tables uses UniqueIdentifier as primary keys. Of course, it’s a relational DB, with Foreign Constraint and Foreign Keys on tables. And when the VPN link is broken, every changes made have to be sync when the link come back. We builded a software from scratch in VB.NET to sync those DB, but we have a hard-time with the UI and the relations between the tables. Can we setup a Merge Replicator between a SQL Server and a MSDE? Is there a more easy solution than building an apps ? thanks a lot for your time, ——————–
Dominic Gagné
Montréal, Qc, Canada

Find the required information here;en-us;Q324992