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I am looking for a reporting tool for SQL Server 2000. I know about Reporting Services, however, I am looking for a tool that would be more directed at end-users. What I have in mind is some kind of report wizard that walks the users through creating a custom report. It would show them a list of available tables, fields, etc. then ask them for matching criteria, basically building a query behind the scenes. Does anyone know of a solution that similar to this idea that is cost-friendly? I have looked into Crystal Reports, but I think it may be overwhelming to end-users, plus it is pretty pricey. Thanks!
If you search on Google you can find more about this, but Crystal Reports is only tool I’ve seen in terms of better usage and as you said its bit hefty on price. Satya SKJ
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[FONT=宋体]Maybe you can try RAQ Report,it is better than Crystal Report in many aspects,such as it has a better use and a smaller CPU utilization.So I think you can try it.You can get it at the same time ,you can get more information in my blog : and–?cq=1. I hope I can help you. [/FONT][FONT=宋体][/FONT]