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require a stored procedure

hi i have a doubt again i have a field test1 which takes normally a firstname lastname combination field like a greeting
ex: mr. harley davidson where in this case firstname is harley and lastname is davidson so this test1 filed is having data mr. harley davidson
and firstname lastname fields are empty and have to fill the firstname lastname fields using this test1 field where in this cases firstname and lastname are null values see the following examples and please send me the procedure to build the following procedure to update those breaked firstname and lastname from test1 field and to be updated in the firstname and lastname and test1 and data also to b present conditions like these example1 Dr.jane1austine
‘1’ is a single blankspace
example2 Dr.1jane1 austine,jr EXAMPLE mr.r.waren1cookey
example mr.r. waren1cookey,III
example: mr.r.1waren1cookey,jr.
example: Dr. george1v.huffmon1III
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