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restoration of databases from 1 servr 2 another

hi we have 10 databases in one instance and we had taken the backups of all databases including master database . but during restoration to another server its reporting an error while restoring the master DB with the following msg " logged in as multiple users"
how should we proceed the restoration earlier we done the resoration of all the user DBs but it was working fine but it was not showing the users in security>login folder but it was showing all the users of DBs in the respective DBS USER FOLDER
pls help !

Generally speaking, when restoring all the databases from one server to another, you first restore master, which requires that you be in single user mode. Once that is done successfully, then you get out of single user mode and then restore each of the databases. When restoring master, did you start SQL Server in single user mode? Another option of restoring databases is to detach and attach databases or to use the Copy Database Wizard. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
Once the restore of the database is finished successfully you can use SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN to fix the orphaned users. Also you can easily use COPY DATABASE WIZARD for moving/copying databases. Refer to books online for the above SP specified. HTH Satya SKJ