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hi, i need to restore from a tape urgently.i only restored from the server not from tape before.
can any of you let me know how to restore database (full backup )from a tape and also the the transaction logfile for friday for 3 hours. thanks,
Try using sp_addumpdevice stored procedure. See documentation for sp_addumpdevice in BOL for more details What is your second requirement? I did not understand clearly what your requirement is. (‘for Friday for 3 hrs’ is rather vague) Hope this helps
for the backup database and restore, there are 10 logfiles need to be restored and 1 .bak file. so i need to restore the logfiles one by one with norecovery option
and then
i need to restore the database with recovery option. or i need to do vice versa…
If you do not have any full backup files in between the sequence of log backups: the only option is to do the following: 1. Restore the full backup with norecovery option.
2. Restore the 9 log backup files in order with norecovery option.
3. Restore the last log file without specifying the norecovery option (by default it is with recovery option). If you happen to have any full backup files between the 10 log files, your work might have been much easier. Satya
Instead restoring directly from tape…. it is advisable to restore from tape to disk then from disk to db…
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yes i tried restoring from tape to disk and then do the restore operation.
i restored the database with norecovery option and it worked fine. the backup i restored is full backup taken at friday @ 5:00 AM. and the transaction log i tried to restore is taken at friday @ 12:00 noo. i am getting an errror message "
The log in this backup set begins at LSN 28343000000269300001,
which is too recent to apply to the database.
An earlier log backup that includes LSN 28342000021049500001 can be restored. " i am not sure about the error.

Means you are missing some tlog backups…between 5 am and 12 noon… MohammedU.
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our log backup runs once in 1 hour.
so full database backup at 5:00 , after that
trnasaction log backups are @ 6:00 AM,7:00 AM,8:00AM,9:00 AM,10:00 AM,11:00AM so if i want to restore 12:00 noon log backup means, i have to restore from 6:00 Am onwards in sequence until 12:00 right??
You have to restore all tlog backups after full until 12:00…
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For point in time recovery you need to have that sequence, and for the last oneyou have to use WITH RECOVERY in order to have that database online. Satya SKJ
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