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restore backup or detach and attack database?

We are planning to rebuild our SQL Server with an upgraded version of OS and I was wondering which way is the perferable method of getting old database onto new server? Should we backup database and do a restore on the new server or detach a database and then reattach it on new server?
I’d prefer detach/attach over backup/restore, because 1. It will be faster (Make sure you shrink the database prior, to remove any free space.)
2. It is more fool proof, because no possibility of updates to the database while you are moving it.
Don’t know which version of SQL is used and in any case review information from this link about attaching/detaching the database. Its better to do a fresh install of higher version of OS rather than carrying with an upgrade.
FOr instance if you’re upgrading OS to Win2K from WinNT its better to do a fresh install of Win2K and reinstall SQL server and other databases. For SQL ver.7 onwards its easy you can create the database with RESTORE statement from a backup. Review these links: Satya SKJ
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