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Restore DB in 30 min?

Hi,<br />I am part of a datawarehousing team (DB and Application developer, not admin) and I am looking for a strategy to quickly restore a MS SQL 2000 database should one of our monthly import processes fail. I am familiar with some but not all the backup/restore strategies. <br /><br />We have a simple recovery model and have a database around the 30 gig mark. I am conscious that a complete restore could take hours. I am looking for an option that would allow us back up in 30 min or so. Am I being unrealistic? <br /><br />One option I am thinking of is to physically copy the .mdf and reattach upon failure. We have plenty of disc space. I look forward to your suggestions.<br /><br />Regards [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]<br />Darcy
with proper disk config,
see my recommendation in the hw perf section I can do backups in the 1-2GB/sec range
restores in the 600-700MB/sec range,
I think I could do better on restore with more investigation of course, add a 5-20 seconds at the beginning and end for initialization and finalization (where it not actually moving any data) so you backups should take 30sec or so,
restore 1min, may 90sec if you have to init the data files oh yeah, also add time to init (zero) the log before the db is online