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Restore Issue

I newly installed SQL Server Express 2005.OS-Windows XP with SP2
I have a MSDE 2000 backup from the same PC which was working earlier in the same machine.
I try to attach it.It gives exceptional Error.Same error is comming when I am trying to restore database.If I try to open it is givin error ‘cannot open database version 539.upgrade database to latest version’.what is the solution for this filson

is this the exact error you are getting?? —————————————-
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Exact Error is this one<br /><br />-&gt;An exception occured while executing transact sql batch<br /><br /> -&gt<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-4.gif’ alt=’;p’ />ossibly schema corruption.Run dbcc checkcatalog<br /> converting database testtata from vesrsion 539 to current version 611<br /> database testtata is ruunning update step from vesrsion 539 to current version 551(microsoft SQL, Error:221)<br /><br />I run DBCC checkcatalog(testtata)<br />then I got result command executed successfully.but It didn’t made any change in database<br /><br /> Filson
wat was the version of sql 2000 you used…… sarwey jana ,sukino bhavanthu…..