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restore offline

can i restore db offline?
if yes ,how?
Please ignore that question i successfully restored it.
Look like it’s the best practise take it offline and than restore?
Am i right?
There are two main ways to restore a database. If you have a backup created with SQL Server, you can restore it on top of a current database, if necessary, or you can even restore it using a new name. There is no need to take the old database offline to restore it. If you don’t have a SQL Server backup, but you have a copy of the database (.mdf files), you can use sp_attach_db to "restore" a database. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
I ‘ve been asked to restore db offline.
Never used that before :that’s the reson i asked.
Now i am wondering why i ‘ve been asked to do this?
Is there something i don’t know?