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restore over network problem

Hello, I am not able to restore my database. The backup file is on one server and the database is on another. When I click on: restore database/from devices/select devices/device name I find just C: and D: drives, I don#%92t find the drive that I mapped. If I try to write \server_named$ SQLDATAMSSQLBACKUP
wind_177 it doesn#%92t work, I have:
wind_177 witch give me an error.
Error:Backup device ‘\server_named$SQLDATAMSSQLBACKUP
wind_177′ failed to open. Operating system error = 2(error not found). I work with sql server 2000 on win2003 operating system and I use the same account for both servers. Any help would be appreciated
Thanks a lot,
If you try to map again in the same way you did, any SO error?
Luis Martin
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>> d:\server_named$ SQLDATAMSSQLBACKUP
wind_177<br /><br />I dont understand this. Drive access can be done via a mapped drive letter such as d:path, or using UNC paths, ie \Servernamepath<br /><br />You appear to be using both ?<br /><br />If you map X Drive or whatever to \ServernameD$, you should then access X: and not X:\ServernameD$<br /><br />Sorry if ive misunderstood what youre saying <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br /><br /><br />Also make sure the account that sql server runs under has network permissions to read from the drive share.
Hi ya, EM will only show local disks, but you can type in a unc path. if you are using d$ as your share name then the account that runs SQL on the machine you are restoring to must be an administrator of the server that has the file. Cheers
If you’re scheduing this as a job then ensure to maintain required privileges for SQL Server service account. Satya SKJ
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