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Restoring Large DB

I have backup file (*.bak) of 56GB. I would like to restore it. Do anyone have an idea about how much time it is going to take for restoring (approx time) Also after restoring DB, i am sure that DB size would be 80GB, i would like to know is there is any other way to reduce the size of DB excluding ShrinkDB which i already thought i am going to use.
Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks and Regards Ravi K
To restore our 32GB database it takes around 15-18 Min.
Our server configuration is Intel P-IV xeon duel processor, sata HDD, 4GB RAM. You can calculate time accordingly for your server.
Surendra Kalekar
reducing the dbsize instead of shrink is achiveable by means of deleting old data bcoz the size purely depends on the data which is there in DB.
so i feel if deleting data from table not possible then shrinking size of mdf is tough too.
Place a request to user , if they can purge some old data .
True and only way to use a optimal size of database is nothing but deleting data that is not required, if this is for a test purpose. Satya SKJ
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In addition of purging old data from database..optimize your database indexes and delete those are not being used.. this will surely reduce database size.. Plus.. check what fill factor you have set in indexes.. if its too low can increase it to write more data in pages. Plus.. keep considerable free space in you data file.. there are many cases where data is just 8Gb in file but file size is 20GB.. [the same apply file TL file] though this do not increase backup timining but when you restore backup.. you need more space to create files. Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind