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Restoring SQL database clustering

dear all,
I’M Newby in this forum and I’M indonesian, and ihope i can get resolve from my problem.
I have single portal server by spesifications:
  • winds 2003 server enterprise
  • moss 2007
  • 2005 sql server
I would like to restoring master database from single portal server into portal server with 2 database server clustering.
new portal server spesificartion:
  • 2 server front end (load balanching)
  • 2 server index
  • 2 server database SQL 2005 enterprice (Clustering)
  • windows 2003 server enterprise
  • moss 2007
My Problem is:
whent I restore master database from single portal server into database clustering i got an error bellow:
Object SQL_PORTAL_DB(previousname SQL_MOSS_DB)failed in event OnRestore For more information, see the errorlog located in the backup directory. SqlException: cannot open backup device'C:Documents and settingsmoss.adminMy documentsDBmoss januari2011spbr00000000026.bak'.Operating system error 3 (the system cannotfind the path specified) restore database is terminating abnormally
any one can help me?
thank you so much
best regards

[quote user="NuyA21"]whent I restore master database from single portal server into database clustering i got an error bellow:[/quote]
Don’t restore master database. You cluster instance has its own master database. You can restore only user databases.
However, the specified error says the cluster instance is unable to see the file path. For me it looks like you are trying to use a non shared drive from SQL server. In Cluster installtion, SQL Server can access only the shared drives. all databases including master should be installed on shared drives.
Hope this helps.

As suggested above you need to take care of user databases backup, if you are looking to transfer information about jobs & ssis packages then MSDB is also required. Also see this KBA to transfer logins & password between the isntances.


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