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Restoring sys databases

Folks, I knew master database stores very important instance meta data, I am trying to restore master database, is there some guidelines, or precautions you guys want to show me? also for msdb, it also stores the SQL Agent meta data, some precautions? same question also apply to model database?
for application database, what we need to do after restoration is to re-link the orphaned database users with SQL Server authenticated logins. for these sys databases, what are the key considerations when restoring? Thanks in advance!
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You can’t restore system database on different build/version/sp etc…
See the following links for master db restore and msdb is like user database but make sure SQL agent not running while restoring msdb…
You can restore the master database using the provided methods, but in this case it is better to maintain such warm standby on the secondary server by creating logins and any configuration changes that are affected to the live server. As you have said using restore method User databases can be recovered but there is such facility for system databases to retain or copy the configuration, so testing the script method on the secondary server will give more provision to failover easily in any case of issues. Satya SKJ
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