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Retrieving info from syslogs in 6.5

Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, and as Ive started a new job that entails upgrading a system I built (4 years ago using a MSSQL 6.5 backend), I hope to help out and get help wherever possible. My current quandry is that a user has deleted rows from a table (using a proper delete function of the system), and I was wondering if it was possible to get any info on that delete operation from the syslogs. I ran ‘SELECT xactid AS TRAN_ID, op AS LOG_RECORD FROM syslogs WHERE op=5’
I added the where clause because Im only interested in deletions, the query has been running for 2 days and still hasnt returned anything yet (still running!). I ran it in the SQL Query Tool in the SQL Ent Mgr. What sort of info should I be expecting (anyone got any examples) ? In particular, will I be able to get the date of the deletion ? &/or will the actual row be able to be view/retrieved. Lastly, are there any tools or tips from anyone about accessing the syslogs in 6.5 ? Thanks In Advance. Rob Barrie – The Affordable, Smart, and Simple eBusiness Solution
Unfortunately there are no tools to read the Tlog (syslogs) in 6.5, and when you query against syslogs, it will take ages and fills up again. Hardly you can run DBCC TRACEON (3604) then DBCC LOG to get a printout containing more information on each record in the log file. Refer to this link] for Tlog operational codes to understand the DBCC LOG. Satya SKJ

I know of no way to recover data from a 6.5 log. Log Explorer from Lumigent can recover data from 7.0 and 2000, but not 6.5. ——————
Brad M. McGehee