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Retrive data from 3 databases

I have to design 3 databases which have relation to each other. and there is a chance to merge that into just 2 databases, i just wonder which wud be the best option either select 3 databases seperate or merge into 2 databases, if so what is the best way i can retrieve data from 3 different databases efffceintly.
Can anyone solve my issue, its urgent.
Why not just one database? You can use database.owner.tablename to refer to another database in your queries as long as the databases are on the same server.
yeah u r right..
I can just have 1 database but the thing is we have a requirement like we need to have separate database for that since permissions for the main database may be different and it shud be more secured than the second one. So what do u think is the best way dude.
Permissions are set for individual objects within a database, so you could allow someone to access only a part of the database.

ok, i am not sure about the advantage and disadvantages of having 3 or 1 databases. Can any one tell me why do we need to choose single database instead of 2 or 3, what are the benefits from that?
If you’re dealing with 2 or 3 client applications that cover non-overlapping data, then separate databases make perfect sense. If the data is overlapping between the applications then a combined back-end database makes infinitely more sense than split databases.