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Return Value

I have an application that used to run on SQL 7.0. I upgraded my development SQL server to 2000 but my applications started treating @return_value differently. On SQL 7.0 it used to show return value as @return_value now it shows as return_value (without @). Is there a way I can fix this.
Many thanks

Hi there, are you talking about the name of the ‘return value’ in the calling application? What is the calling application? Cheers
How are you referencing the @return_value against the database? Satya SKJ
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Yes Twan i am talking about the name of the ‘return value’. EDIFY is the calling application.
Hi ya, Ok, well I must admit that I don’t actually know the answer… the version of MDAC is the same on server and client? SQL2k will have upgraded MDAC to 2.7??