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Revert Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition

Thanks for the answers to my question concerning running Enterprise and Standard Editions on the same box. Another question in the same vein. Can I "convert" an existing Enterprise Edition instance into a Standard Edition instance just by using the Standard Edition cd and doing an reinstall of the instance? It would not be too hard to backup the dbs, uninstall and reinstall the instance, and then restore the dbs but it would be less trouble to just do it "in place". Thanks again,

As far I now, no.
You have to uninstall EE first.
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I have come accross same situation to the cost-cutting on one environment. But couldn’t get any easy solution to do this. What I have done was; done complete backup of of users and system databases and uninstall SQL2KEE and Installed SQL2ESE. While doing this, make sure the Service Packs should be similary in both version. Other wise while restore master and msdb restoration, it gave me errors till I do that. -Johnson
If you want the standard edition to be a default one as the Enterprise Edition one, then you must uninstall EE and then reinstall SE, otherwise install SE as named instance and use BACKUp/RESTORE method and transfer logins too. KBAs and article to deal with databases & user logins:;en-us;224071 HTH Satya SKJ
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