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Hello all, Does anyone know the lifetime of a ROWLOCK when stated in a sproc like this one below ? ALTER PROCEDURE GetLastId
@idType nvarchar(50)
SET NOCOUNT ON; DECLARE @lastId int SET @lastId= (SELECT lastId
WHERE [email protected]) SET @[email protected]+1 UPDATE LastIds SET [email protected] WHERE [email protected] SELECT (@lastID) as LastID END
GO I am wondering whether the lock will exist until the end of the sproc or not… Many thanks in advance…
Yes it does until the update is finished and based on the UPDATE in which you specify the primary key would always cause a row lock, but when SQL Server gets a batch with a bunch of these, and some of them happen to be in the same page (depending on this situation). If you are having lot of performance issues then use NOLOCK hint too. Satya SKJ
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