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Running DTS package

Hi, I have created a DTS package that is importing data from a txt file. When I execute the package it works correctly, but when I schedule it I receive an error message>
"..Can not find the file specified…." Ther SQL Agent service runs with a domain administrator account and the mentioned file is stored on a local disk and file is there. What could be the problem< Zsolt
When you say you execute it, are you executing it on your own PC or on the server? The import text file needs to be in a location specified on the server, for when it is run as a scheduled task. For example if you import from a file on your client PC such as c: empfile.txt, and save the package, the server will look for a file on the server’s C: emp folder when you execute the package as a scheduled task. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
I execute it from the server. The file is available and the access rights are correct
I have copied this DTS package from SQL 7.0, I have re/created the package in SQL 2000 Enterprise manager.
Now it!s working fine….it is very strange for me