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Runtime Data Source Error

Hello<br /><br />I have a defined data source to an oracle server. I’ve alredy intalled oracle client, and setup my data source to save the user and password. I’m using .NET provider/OracleClient DataProvider Connection. When I click on "Test Connection" Button, SSIS reports SUCCESS. In Connection Manager TAB I created on connection called "OracleServer" from my oracle data source, described above.<br /><br />In my package, I defined a DataReaderSource task, I specified "OracleServer" as a connection to it. I can preview data and view oracle’s columns name…, so it make me think that everything is fine. But when It execute the task it FAIL and notify logon error and that password can’t be blank. <br /><br />Please help, I need read from the oracle server!! [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ />]<br /><br />Thank you.
Are you trying to migrate data or view data from Oracle database? Satya SKJ
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Hello, I’m building a Datawarehouse with oracle as source system, and SQL Server as destination system. However let me tell you that I already find the solution. The problem was that my oracle server is 10.1.x and my oracle’s drivers installed on SQL Server machine was 10.2.x. Only I unistalled these drivers and install 10.1 version and everything works!. Anyway, thanks a lot.