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SA problem?

Hi, I’m trying to alter the SA user account to include new databases I have brought online. When I go into Studio Manager, security, logins, SA I see all the new databases. When I select one of the new db’s and hit ok, I get the error, cannot use the special principal SA. The user is listed as SA, but the original db’s have dbo as the user. If I try to use dbo as the user, then I get an error that says dbo already exists in database. I’m confused. Even though the new databases are not selected inside the sa user, I still seem to be able to read/write to them if I log in as SA. In 2005 does SA have full rights by default to all databases? Thanks.
SA is SQL Server’s internal system administrator login, corresponding to user name "dbo". SA has full permissions on all databases and objects. I don’t think you can even deny SA any permission.
Ok, I just wanted to make sure, because in sql 2000, you can check off databases inside the user properties for SA. Thanks.
You need not to assign any specific privileges for SA in SQL 2000 or 2005, in 2005 you can even rename the SA account. Satya SKJ
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