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SAN Configuration and Performance

We need to price hardware for three new systems. One system is an Accounting package, another is a compliance package and a third is a trading system. The trade system in particular needs to be high-performance. Being new to the SAN world I don’t know if RAID configurations used for non-SAN configurations apply to SANs. For the trade system if we did not go with a SAN my configuration would be as follows:
NOTE: The smallest drives we can purchase are 72GB and the total database size will probably be under 20GB after a year or so. Data retrieval speed is key with this system. OS – RAID 1
Data – RAID 10 (15k rpm drives) (4 72GB for approximately 144GB usable space).
Logs – RAID 10 (15k)
Tempdb – RAID 1 (15k)
Backup – RAID 1 or 5 Data on a dedicated controller
OS & Logs share a controller
Tempdb and Backups share a controller The same configuration would be used for the accounting system, although system performance, while important, is not a critical. Our SAN is EMC. How would the above configuration translate to a SAN and what are the performance differences in terms of read/write speed on a SAN vs. internal SCSI drives? Thanks, Dave
see Betcord’s comment on EMC Clarion
i just do not see the point of an expensive san for less than class A/B performance