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Schedule Automatic SQL Script

Hi All, I need to execute a SQL Script that fetches Data from one table in a database and Insert into a table in a different database. This needs to happen everymorning 10:00 AM automatically without the manual intervention. How do I Schedule this job to happen automatically? Kindly help me out. Thanks in Advance.
Use Enterprise Manger, drill down to Management, expand SQL Server Agent, click on Jobs… that’s where you should find any Jobs you’ve created. Also refer this article for further information. Satya SKJ
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Hi Satya, Thanks a lot for the help. I created a procedure and scheduled it in the same way you had given me. 1) Created a procedure
1) Right clicked on jobs
2) Clicked on New Job
4) Did a Job Step as "Exec <<database.dbo.PROCNAME>>"
5) Did a time schedule
and it worked. Thanks again. Manoj.