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scheduled job executing forever

one step job calls local sp containing bcp command that calls remote sp, scheduled to run early morning can’t stop job, have to restart sql server. running job manually is successful, running local sp manually takes about 5 minutes. symptoms: * no info in log for current job * process info contains 2 runnable processes
– exec localsp,
– set fmtonly on exec remotesp set fmtonly off * remotesp process has wait time = v large, wait type = MISCELLANEOUS have thrashed google in search of solution, any suggestions? thanks ow
Can you see something running at the remote server ?
What if you kill that ?
nothing relevant on remote server, thanks for replying ow
Any locks when is running?
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local sp process has locks:
master db s grant xact
master db s grant sess
local db s grant sess remote sp process has locks:
master db s grant xact
local db s grant sess doesn’t look particularly out of the ordinary to me?
thanks for replying ow
I’ve had this situation where jobs never finished.
When I carbon-copied the server-console, there was this messagebox indication user32.dll could not be initialized. I then contacted MS and we are still examining the case.