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script to Collect server n database Information

I am in a process to migrate databases from win2000 machine to a win 2003 machine.The first step of which is to create a report of source server.I thought it will be better to write a script and run it by browser.
the script should to Collect Information like(no of databases,size, physical location of mdf,ldf database files ,logins,pwd,other permisions , roles ,users )
and generate a report.
Can any one help me with this ? if you have some scripts releated to this pls post that here.All kind of suggession will be highly appreciated.
Refer my weblog for the relevant information. Satya SKJ
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Thnx satya.Could you tell me if any stored procedure is there to get the size, location etc ,of the database on a server
?? You can get that by looking at sysfiles on each database. SELECT * FROM sysfiles MeanOldDBA
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